Ronald Fenty: Supportive of Rihanna

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Rihanna is back together with Chris Brown.

While readers chime in on this developing, surprising story, someone very close to the allegedly abused singer is showing his support.

Woman in Black

Rihanna's father, Ronald Fenty, talked to Us Weekly about his daughter's reported reconciliation with her long-time boyfriend.

“I love my daughter with whatever road she takes. I'm behind her win or lose. I will be supportive. If that's the road she wants to choose, I'm behind her. I hope to see her soon. I talked to her after her birthday, and she told me she's OK."

I forgive you... but sleep with one eye open!


ronald fenty is stupid! love you chris brown


I dont understand why ppl are so upset you cant judge her, you dnt even know her. You only know she sings and has money. Every second of everyday someone (man or woman)get beat. So until youve walked in her exact shoes you cant judge her. she only has to answer to one person the only person who has right to judge her


She is a complete loser for taking him back. She's lost me as a fan. I honestly thought she was more intelligent but clearly I was wrong.


Thats called unconditional love something her father should have for her. Have been in her shoes I know how she feels and her father probably rather support her no matter what than lose her. Domestic voilence has no boundries. Would you feel the same if the tables were turned and it was him with the black eye???


Shamesless fella! Ok, but then they are only Blacks..>!


OMG she is sooooo stupid!! You know he is just going to do it again....

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