Pierce Brosnan Poses with Controversial Wife, Keely Shaye Smith

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Last year, we posted a photo of Keely Shaye Smith in a bikini. Regarding the full figure of Mrs. Pierce Brosnan, we simply wrote:

We admire Smith for remaining true to who she is!

That comment set off a firestorm across The Hollywood Gossip, as many readers agreed it was refreshing to see a celebrity that wasn't obsessed with losing weight; while others actually labeled Smith as a poor role model for being so unhealthy.

Now that Smith has been spotted in public again, alongside her husband during for the premiere of Mamma Mia!, we wonder if readers will pick up the debate again.

Where do you stand on the appearance of Keely Shaye Smith?

Keely Shaye Smith, Pierce Brosnon
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Pierce has only one aim to commit himself to acting.
He's that single minded.
What his wife eats is her business.
She is not an actress, and does not need to succumb to the agonizing diet restrictions actors and actresses must adhere to. Pierce probably watches his wife have a good meal, while he munches on a tomato and lettuce leaf.


She is really beautiful. I love Pierce Brosnan and he loves his wife. End of discussion.


I stand by my comment. Being beautiful has absolutely NOTHING to do with what a person weighs. Not all "obese" people are unhealthy. I am 200 + lbs and I am perfectly happy. I have absolutely NO health problems. Danny P. maybe you should examine your values, and your degree of SHALLOWNESS.

@ darla

Uh, like smoking, the adverse effects build up in the body. You might be fine now, but as you age, well, good luck. While putting on a few pounds as we age is normal, and it becomes more and more difficult to manage one's weight, being obese is both unhealthy and unsightly. A lot of heavy people like to make excuses for obesity, but that's all they are: excuses. Sorry, fat is fat. Period. If you think people are "shallow" because they find fat people unsightly, well, sorry. It's just another way to deflect onto others how one really feels about their own self concept.


darla dear, as a public figure Keely Shaye Smith's appearance is a lot of people's business, even though Pierce Brosnan is entitled to his opinion about her. Your statement about his wife being a beautiful woman regardless of how much she wheighs doesn't hold any water and disqualifies you as a fair judge. Nobody said anything about being skin and bones but having a beautiful, healthy body, which under NO CIRCUMSTANCES her obese one could be at this point.
Did you get my drift or should I draw you a blue print so you could understand ?


I remember seeing Pierce Brosnan being interviewed once when the interviewer brought up his wife's weight gain. I was so impressed because he said something like, "Oh really. She's so beautiful to me."
From that day forward, I have loved and admired that man. What a guy...not influenced by what others think. There are not many men that don't rag their wives for gaining weight. If she has gained due to thyroid problems, I sympathize with her. My daughter has struggled with thyroid disease for years, and it has been a challenge. Her hubby reminds me of PB, because he thinks she's beautiful either way.


Keely is a pig.


If Pierce is happy with his wife, as he has reportedly said that he is, then it is nobody else's business how she looks. She is a very beautiful woman no matter what she weighs. Being extremely thin and underweight is, in fact, more of a risk to one's life than obesity. It really is. No one wants to believe that, but it's true.

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