Report: Jessica Gibson Had Rob Lowe, Wants Money

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Jessica Gibson, one of the ex-employees making sordid allegations against Rob Lowe and his wife, is in this lawsuit to win it.

According to TMZ, Gibson - a former nanny of Lowe's who claims she had an affair with the actor - has hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred to represent her. Lowe has claimed that Gibson tried to extort him to the tune of $1.5 million in exchange for keeping quiet about their affair.

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Rob Lowe is known to movie fans for Thank You For Smoking and televisions fans for The West Wing.

While Gibson and two other former employees demand money from Lowe, he's countered with a suit that says he's the victim of an extortion plot and that the three employees have engaged in a variety of misdeeds, including sex on his bed while he and his wife were gone.

Oddly, none of the employees are Lindsay Lohan.

We'll keep you posted on this strange story as it develops.


I believe Jessica. The way that Rob came out, guns ablaze, makes me not believe a word he says. I call shinanigans on Mr. Lowe. He has a history of peculiar sexual escapades and I believe this girl. I hadn't heard anything until he opened his yap. Busted, dude!


yes i think she is a liar a big fat liar. money hungry liar. going to tell after 7 years you liked what was happen to you. liar face.


Jessica Gibson is a liar!! why in the world would you work for him for seven years and return and ask for extra hours if you where uncomfortable and harrassed?!! LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, Wait did I forget to say that she is a LIAR!!!!!!!!


After seeing a pic of Jessica Gibson, I can see why Rob had an affair with her (even though he claims he didn't). Robs wife, quite frankly, is quite ugly, (I'm being polite). Maybe he just needed something nice to look at and now he needs to pay up for his deed. So the wife really doesn't think anything happened between Rob and the nanny??? So not only is she ugly, she's stupid too.

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