Breaking News: Ashlee Simpson, Braxton Olita Break Up

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Times really are changing in Hollywood. But it's one thing when Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson try to make ammends with those they scorned.

It's another thing when Ashlee Simpson and Braxton Olita break up. Yes, you read that correctly.


Simpson had been saving her body for Olita, but at least she didn't waste time giving it to someone else. Jessica's younger sister turned heads on September 2 at the NYC bar, Don Hill's, when she snuggled and kissed a cute guy in the VIP section.

It wasn't Braxton, however. This was Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. Indeed, Simpson's rep then told Us Weekly that Simpson and Braxton "broke up about a week ago. They have decided to take a break."

Did Ashlee need time apart to focus on plastic surgey? Did Olita finally realize he'd be stuck staring at Jessica Simpson pictures, never getting inside the pants of the real thing, as long as he dated her sister?

We might never know, but we do know a source close to Simpson that said:"Ashlee has been telling everyone that she's over Braxton," and adds that Wentz recently dumped girlfriend Michelle Trachtenberg in order to be with Ashlee.

Good. We hadn't heard of that Trachtenberg person anyway.

For his part, Joe Simpson may be relieved: An insider says when Simpson told him she wanted to move in with Olita earlier this year, "he thought it was totally wrong, immoral and a bad decision. It caused a major rift between her and Joe."

At Don Hills' that night where, Ashlee was clearly enjoying her new company. Reports state she was seen openly straddling the Fall Out Boy bassist ... before her diet took over.

At one point, Ashlee had to excuse herself to vomit. Don't say you weren't warned, Pete.


So sad to see what the media does to people that are so young, as for B he's someone that I love with all my heart and do know that what the media says is not ture at all. Ashlee who i've meet is a sweet and wonderful girl and has been to my house in ewa =-) and B are still good friends and as her hubby Pete I welcome him with all the Aloha B's family can give if he ever comes here to Hawaii. We all wish them the best always, B is always working hard to get his start and wants everyone to be humble "watch out for him I heard that his going to be doing shows with another singer that sings the song "Walking on air" and "Dead love" and goes by the name of "Kerli" as for me I'll always love Ashlee and wish her the best in everything she does oh and to her and pete congrats on the wedding and God bless the baby that's on the way. Aloha!
I love you Boggie


Hey yeahh he is my cousin to.I dont like that comment either!!I dont really know him but, I aint gonna have someonee talking about my kenn like that..and who ever it was probably dont even know him!!So she cant judge him if she dont know him!!Stupid!


Braxton is my cousin and i am responding to the comment above stating that
"she doesnt need a guy like that who is gunna use her just for her sister,,,thats so wrong,,.i cant believe him what a jerk!"
trust me my cousin is nothing like that. What some peoples problem is, is that they believe everything the media says. You should get the right story before judging someone. From what i heard they broke up on good terms and he was NOT after Jessica. I looove loooove Ashlee and Jessica, alot of people critisize them , but eh they are human. Leave their relationships alone, no matter who they are with......


i know for a fact that ashlee simpson and pete wentz were going out but why did they break


omg i cant believe they broke up well ashlee is wayyyy too pretty for braxton anyway.....:] she doesnt need a guy like that who is gunna use her just for her sister,,,thats so wrong,,.i cant believe him what a jerk!


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