Ashlee Simpson: Invisible L.O.S.E.R.

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Talk about foreshadowing. The talentless, malnourished Ashlee Simpson actually had the foresight to name her recently-released single "Invisible."

The song, which appears on Ashlee's second CD I Am Me (the working title, I Can't F*%king Sing, was reportedly changed at the last minute), is getting a lot of airplay these days. It's certainly aptly titled. First, she got plastic surgery and took care of that nose. Apparently that chin also took a beating.

Ashlee in Action

Now she's dropping any semblance of a body and going Kate Bosworth on us. Think about how she would be doing in our emaciation poll had we not added her late! A look at Ashlee now compared to just a year ago is kinda scary. Soon enough, she'll be literally invisible on top of having no shred of singing skill. What's her take on this hot new track?

"It's basically about life, about finding the courage to get back up and keep fighting, which I think everybody deals with every day," Jessica's lil' sis says of the song (which we have to say, sucks ass, not unlike her other material).

Download it illegally if you have a sense of irony and are looking for a laugh, or if wish to hear just how bad a singer can be. But please, do not spend your money on this crap.

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invisible is one of my favorite songs. i like the videoclip too. ashlee simpson is much pretter than jessica simpson. i like ashlee and pete wents. THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


pues pudranse invisible nunka será l.o.s.e.r.
ni mucho menos mi ashlee.
ha crecido mucho vocalmente, si no es buena, ¿ustedes creen que la hubieran puesto en "CHICAGO"? no verdad.
Pues ashlee canta muy hermoso!!!!!!!


hola soy de tabasco, mexico, me encanta tu video y la cancion ni se diga, no hagas caso a comentarios ekiz, tu sabes lo q eres y yo a komo muchas soy tu gran admiradora... sigue asi.. t qiere mucho tu fan.. Erika


no creo ke ashlee sea muy chida