Bill Burr Jokes About Caitlyn Jenner: Did He Go Too Far?

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Did Bill Burr go too far during an appearance on Conan Thursday night?

The comedian stopped by the talk show and addressed his friend Caitlyn Jenner, wondering why her transition from male to female has been such a big deal.

"There’s like baby seals washing up on the beach because there’s no fish left and they’re talking to this lady, you know?" Burr said of the media.

"Like, ‘So Bruce, can your Olympic back handle a D-cup or are you going to go with like something a little more perky?’ I’m not saying that in any bad way, I’m just saying."

Jenner, of course, has sent some very important message to the transgender community about acceptance and self-confidence, most notably in his widely-praised ESPYs speech.

And many critics on Twitter are criticizing Burr for making light of issues that really do affect transgender individuals.

Burr also railed against that horrible show my wife watched where Jenner “just walks around in the background,” a pretty great reference to Keeping up With The Kardashians.

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