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For years, Angela Deem has been such a controversial fixture on 90 Day Fiance that toxic behavior gets compared to Angela season after season.

While the status of Angela and Michael has been a hot topic lately, some of Angela’s fans (she does have them) have a different focus.

Angela seems to be unwell. No, we’re not talking about her behavior, but her health.

One alarming video has her followers wondering if she’s getting worse, not better.

Angela Deem shared a TikTok video recently, and then crossposted that clip to her Instagram page.

In the recording, the grandmother is in a dimly lit room — and appears to be home in her own bed.

Wearing her hair down, she moves her head while looking into the camera.

"Saturday just laying around," she wrote across the video.

"Love you queens," she added.

In the video, Angela was attempting to lip-sync to "Burned Like a Rocket" by Billy Joe Royal.

Angela captioned the video: "Exhausted from my trip from LA BABY."

While "LA BABY" may sound like the name of a rapper, she is certainly referring to Los Angeles.

It is not jet lag, however, that has people concerned about the video.

Angela’s face has changed a great deal.

Her life and her habits, particularly smoking, clearly took their toll years ago, which is why many were astonished to learn that she is only in her fifties.

Since undergoing her surgical weight loss journey, Angela’s face has also changed in several ways, and some of those changes have aged her while other make her look younger.

However … this time, the concern is about her lower lip, and if you watched the video that we included, you probably noticed it yourself.

There is a very visible dark mark on her lower lip — one that is hard to miss, even in the extremely dim lighting of the video.

It’s not new, but the fact that it is still there has Angela’s fans deeply worried.

“You have got to see someone about your lip. It’s getting worse,” urged one commenter.

Another pleaded with her to see a doctor about it because they’d known someone with a similar mark “and it was cancer.”

Others speculated that it was less severe, with one person suggesting: “She probably suffering from some sort of vitamin deficiency."

Angela Deem Posts Glow-Up Selfie

A vitamin deficiency is possible, particularly for someone who has been undergoing extreme weight loss.

Of course, given that a large portion of Americans take multivitamins every day, a vitamin deficiency — let alone one that causes such a specific visible mark — feels less likely.

One hopes that this is merely a surgical scar, or something that Angela knows about and has been confirmed to be benign, and not a warning sign of a major health battle to come.

Angela Deem in a Bubble Bath

Angela’s fans are not universally concerned, with some clapping back at those expressing their worries, comparing them to Angela’s hard-earned haters.

There is sometimes a fine line between genuine alarm and "concern trolling," but most of the comments about Angela’s lip seem to be the former.

Whatever we may think of how Angela treats others, including Michael, no one wants her to have a health crisis.