Kate Middleton: Will She Have a FOURTH Child?

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As of this writing, Kate Middleton is a mother of two kids; one boy and one girl.

But she's due to give birth at almost any moment to a third child.

Because she's Kate Middleton, however, and because she's a member of The Royal Family, folks across the world aren't satisfied with these basic pieces of information.

They want more! They always want more! 

They are always speculating and asking questions, especially when it comes to the status of Middleton's womb.

Might she one day get pregnant for a FOURTH time?

This is what millions of people are wondering already, and it's the topic we delve into below...

1. This is Kate Middleton

This is Kate Middleton
Yes, we're stating the obvious. What we mean here, though, is that Kate Middleton may legitimately be the most beloved and talked-about young woman on the planet. Given her reputation and her standing in the monarchy, questions constantly abound about this Duchess.

2. This is Her Family

This is Her Family
A handsome prince by her side, a son and a daughter? Middleton really does have the perfect life, it seems.

3. This Was Her Announcement

This Was Her Announcement
In September of 2017, Middleton and William broke the exciting news to the world that they were expecting once again. Click on the headline above to read all about it.

4. So That Will Make Three Kids

So That Will Make Three Kids
Will Kate be finished at that point? Or might she try for a fourth? This is a topic constantly being debated among those who care about her life.

5. Will the Future Queen Emulate the Current One?

Queen Elizabeth II had four kids and some British folk believe Kate will try to do the same. "I reckon Kate will try to emulate the Queen and have four!" a resident of Bucklebury recently told People.


A resident of this same town has a different take, simply based on Kate's history: "I can’t imagine Kate will want any more given the ordeal that she goes through every pregnancy. I should think that three children is enough."

7. It's True:

It's True:
Middleton has suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during all three of her pregnancies, which has landed her in the hospital once before and can best be described as severe morning sickness. She has often had to cancel public appearances as a result.

8. What About Middleton's Family?

What About Middleton's Family?
Will her personal history play a role in her future plans? Yes, possibly. "Kate supposedly would like [only] three since she grew up with two siblings — a brother and a sister," writes The Independent.

9. What If She Has Twins?

What If She Has Twins?
Based on a handful of tabloid rumors, it is possible this question gets settled in very simple fashion: if Middleton really does give birth to twins, then there you have it: a fourth child!

10. Other Questions Surround Kate's Pregnancy

Other Questions Surround Kate's Pregnancy
Will she have a home birth, for example? That topic is debated in the article that you really should click on above.

11. What Role Will Meghan Markle Play in All of This?

What Role Will Meghan Markle Play in All of This?
The same role as any sister-in-law, we'd imagine. However, there have been a few rumors that claim Kate and Meghan don't get along and that Middleton doesn't want Markle around her kids. We don't really believe this chatter, though.

12. Does Prince George Want TWO More Siblings?

Does Prince George Want TWO More Siblings?
LOL. We have no idea. We just wanted to use this as an excuse to once again post this adorable picture of him.

13. Does Princess Charlotte Want TWO More Siblings?

Does Princess Charlotte Want TWO More Siblings?
See previous caption, but apply it instead to the image here.

14. What a Gorgeous Family

What a Gorgeous Family
No matter how large it expands going forward, we're excited to chronicle the lives of these Royally awesome stars.

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