Kailyn Lowry: Jo Rivera Wants ME to Pay Child Support For Isaac!!

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Kailyn Lowry's roller-coaster relationships with her three baby daddies might make for compelling viewing on Teen Mom 2, but we're sure the mother of three would prefer much more drama-free co-parenting relationships.

Typically, it's Chris Lopez or Javi Marroquin who gives Kail a hard time, but these days, it's her OG baby daddy, Jo Rivera, that's making her life more difficult.

The news comes as a shock, as Kail and Chris have typically been able to sort out their differences over the years.

But as Kail confirmed on the latest episode of her podcast, that is definitely no longer the case.

Take a look:

1. What Happened?

What Happened?
Jo is Kail's first baby daddy, and for years, the two of them peacefully co-parented 8-year-old Isaac.

2. Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs
Sure, there have been some rough patches over the years, but until recently, it looked as though Kail and Jo would be able to set aside their differences for the sake of their son.

3. Making It Work

Making It Work
Kail even attended Jo's wedding -- and happily posed for pic with the bride -- when he married Vee Torres earlier this year.

4. Money Matters

Money Matters
But as is so often the case with this sort of thing, Jo and Kail's relationship broke down over money.

5. Kail's Cash

Kail's Cash
According to comments Kail made on her recent Coffee Convos podcast, Jo is coming after her cash in a big way.

6. A Tricky Situation

A Tricky Situation
Opening up to co-host Lindsie Chrisley, Kail revealed that she was stunned when Jo recently filed a petition requesting child support.

7. The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner
Now, obviously, from her role on Teen Mom and her many side hustles, Kail makes a ton of cash. But here's the thing -- so does Jo.

8. Raking It In

Raking It In
In fact, Jo earns as much as Kail does for individual episodes of TM2.

9. Not Your Average Jo

Not Your Average Jo
Granted, he doesn't appear in as many episodes as she does, but add those earnings to his income for flipping houses, and the guy is doing alright.

10. Isaac in the Middle

Isaac in the Middle
Earlier this year, Kail and Javi agreed to split custody of Isaac 50/50.

11. Changing It Up

Changing It Up
Up to that point, he had actually been paying HER child support, as Isaac spent most of his time living with Kail.

12. Shadiness

Given the fact that both parents are now equally dividing responsibilities, and they're both quite well off, Kail naturally assumed they would simply continue dividing Isaac's expenses equally.

13. Going For the Green

Going For the Green
But Rivera had a different arrangement in mind, and he allegedly applied for child support without even informing Kail first.

14. Warranted

“I could see…if one parent is struggling at 50/50, it’s warranted,” Kail says on Coffee Convos this week.

15. She's Not a Bank!

She's Not a Bank!
“But if you’re not financially struggling, and the child does not live two different lifestyles in each home, to me you’re just being greedy and you’re just doing it because you can," she adds.

16. Cashing In

Cashing In
Kail goes on to say that the previous arrangement had been working well for everyone involved, and this is just a shameless cash grab on Jo's part.

17. 50/50

“Jo had been paying child support for a long time and we were in the process of taking him off since we now have 50/50 custody,” Kail says.

18. Considerate Kail

Considerate Kail
“We switch every Sunday. I was going to take him off. From the time he got 50/50, I had even offered to give him his money back since I didn’t need his child support since we’ve had 50/50," she adds.

19. Sketchy, Sketchy

Sketchy, Sketchy
Lowry adds that not only has Jo executed a shady maneuver, he did it in the sketchiest way possible.

20. Sneaky Jo

Sneaky Jo
“I’m shocked at the way that he did it. He did it so sneaky,” she tells Chrisley.

21. Not Practicing What He Preaches

Not Practicing What He Preaches
I kind of just feel like he was kind of plotting to do it behind my back…I’m shocked and more hurt at the way that he did it! He was always the one preaching to me about talking things out before going to court," Kail adds.

22. A Warning Would Be Nice

A Warning Would Be Nice
"I feel like he should have talked to me about it, or at the very bare minimum, texted me and said ‘I’m filing for child support,'” Kail says.

23. Feeling Misled

Feeling Misled
“He had me thinking that he was just filing to decrease his [payments] or get rid of it because we have 50/50 and don’t need it," Lowry continues. "It was so out of the blue and sneaky, and, like, [Jo] had been plotting that for a long time.”

24. A Matter of Fairness

A Matter of Fairness
“I don’t think that’s fair. Like I said, I’m not against child support,” Kail says.

25. No Shame

No Shame
“If a man makes less than the mother, and they’re in a situation where they need it, and it’s warranted, OK fine. But he’s just being greedy," Kail concludes. Hard not to agree with her on that one.

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