Golden Globe Awards: 14 Most Memorable Moments

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Who won big at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards?

These finely-dressed celebrities, of course.

But which moments stood out from the rest? Which stars and which events have left the Internet buzzing?

Let's take a look below, shall we?

1. The Legend Attacks The Donald

We can't say any of this better than Meryl Streep. Watch the above video to see her tear Donald Trump apart.

2. Darn You, Ryan Gosling!

You should also watch this video to see how Gosling is A LOT more than just a pretty and talented face. He just made us cry over his Eva Mendes tribute.

3. Her Bad!

Her Bad!
Prior to these amazing speeches, Jenna Bush Hager interviewed Pharrell and asked about the film "Hidden Fences." Except he sang a song for the movie "Hidde Figures."

4. And the Crowd Went Wild!

And the Crowd Went Wild!
Brad Pitt received an extended ovation when he appeared on stage at the ceremony. Because he's no longer with Angelina Jolie? Hmmm....

5. Barb Lives!

Barb Lives!
Jimmy Fallon did not exactly crack us up during his Golden Globes monologue. But he did resurrect Barb from Stranger Things!

6. Awesome-ish

Overshadowed a bit by Streep and Gosling, Tracee Ellis Ross deserves a shout-out for her speech upon winning a trophy for her role in black-ish. Said the star on stage: "This is for all the women — women of color and colorful people — whose stories, ideas, thoughts are not always considered worthy and valid and important. But I want you to know that I see you. We see you."

7. Just Show Us Your Boobs?

Just Show Us Your Boobs?
The whole thing about Sofia Vergara not being able to speak proper English has gotten old. On Sunday night, while introducing Miss Golden Globe, she "flubbed" numerous times while trying to say the word "annual," (not) accidentally making it sound like "anal" and "anus" instead.

8. And the 2018 Winners for Funniest Actresses Will Be:

And the 2018 Winners for Funniest Actresses Will Be:
Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer will star as a mother and daughter in the upcoming film "Snatched." And they gave us a preview of the hilarity to come while presenting, with Hawn unable to read the teleprompter without her glasses and Schumer not exactly helping her out.

9. The Award for Best Presenters of an Award Goes To:

The Award for Best Presenters of an Award Goes To:
But the best presenters on the evening were Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell. They discussed the first cartoon movies they ever saw in theaters, along with what formative moments they provided. But these were not positive memories of"Bambi," "Fantasia" and other classics.

10. Taylor Probably Still Loves You

Taylor Probably Still Loves You
Tom Hiddleston told a very long story about going to South Sudan and how underprivileged citizens there thanked him for making The Night Manager. The Humble Brag did not go over well.

11. Julia Louis-Dreyfus Can Do No Wrong

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Can Do No Wrong
She did NOT win a trophy for once. But she still won as over by briefly spinning some tunes as Questlove's understudy.

12. Yay for Black People!

Yay for Black People!
Donald Glover won for his role in Atlanta. And he knew just who to thank.

13. The Cutest Couple?

The Cutest Couple?
Not Jessica or Justin. Not Blake and Ryan. But Sunny Pawar and Lion co-star Dev Patel, who made even the most cynical of hearts melt during their time on stage.

14. Best, Most Unexpected and Very Handsome Kiss

Best, Most Unexpected and Very Handsome Kiss
As Ryan Gosling went on stage to accept his awards, cameras caught Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds... in an intense lip lock!

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