Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 Photos: Littlefinger Be Schemin'

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The Game of Thrones universe is so densely populated at this point that it's become impossible for the show to check in on every character week after week.

The downside is that we're three episodes into Season 6, and you might still have little idea what your favorite character is up to or even where in Westeros they're laying their head.

The upside is that it's that much more thrilling when Lord Petyr Baelish makes his triumphant return, baby!

Okay, maybe Littlefinger isn't anyone's favorite character, but we've missed his conniving, sharp-tongued ways, and after everything that went down on last week's episode, we're looking forward to his insights on the state of the Seven Kingdoms.

Check out some photos from this week's installment, "Book of the Stranger," below, and watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic to get caught up in time for what's sure to be eventful - and bloody - Sunday:


1. Littlefinger: Back in Black

Littlefinger: Back in Black
We've missed that mockingbird broach. Lord Baelish probably won't be surprised to find out that the marriage between Sansa and Ramsay Bolton didn't quite work out.

2. Margaery Behind Bars

Margaery Behind Bars
Margaery is still locked up.It's not a good time to be the queen in King's Landing.

3. Missandei With Grey Worm

Missandei With Grey Worm
Can these two just bang already? Oh, right...we forgot about that whole

4. Dolorous Edd Looking Dolorous

Dolorous Edd Looking Dolorous
Things are getting dark at Castle Black. Will Edd step into Jon's old job?

5. Angry Lannisters

Angry Lannisters
The Lannisters always pays their debts. They also always get their revenge.

6. Daario and Jorah: On the Hunt

Daario and Jorah: On the Hunt
The hunt for Daenerys continues. We've been enjoying all the unlikely partnerships this season.

7. Olenna Tyrell and Kevan Lannister

Olenna Tyrell and Kevan Lannister
Looks like more drama in the small council! Is it just us, or did Kevan get screwed in the badass Lannister name department?

8. Retirement For Khaleesis

Retirement For Khaleesis
Daenerys is still being forced to chill with a bunch of other Dothraki widows. Don't they know she's the Mother of Dragons?!

9. Greyjoy Family Reunion

Greyjoy Family Reunion
The 'Joys are back in town. Well, one of them is back in the Iron Islands. Okay, fine - MOST of Theon has returned home.

10. Tyrion Lannister: Badass

Tyrion Lannister: Badass
Tyrion is still running the show in Meereen while Daenerys is AWOL. We get the feeling things may get ugly there soon.

11. She's Burnt!

She's Burnt!
Dany ended Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 in a blaze of glory. And we mean a literal blaze of glory.

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