Bill Cosby Arrest: Celebrated by Stars Everywhere!

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Following the news that Bill Cosby was arrested on sexual assault charges, stemming from an alleged 2004 rape, celebrities everywhere have taken to social media and expressed a sentiment we can sum up with one word:


Seriously, as you can see below, the overwhelming opinion in this case seems to be that Cosby is a dirty old man who has committed heinous crimes and who deserves to be locked up for many years...

1. Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham
Grateful that Bill Cosby's criminal record will be marked forever, like the lives of the women he raped. They deserve justice and peace. If I believed in hell Bill Cosby would be going there.

2. Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer
Thank you! It's all so awful!

3. Judd Apatow

Judd Apatow
Bill Cosby has spent his life attempting to silence the women he has assaulted with threats, lawsuits and money. Hopefully now many of these women will get to tell their stories in a court of law and the people who supported him will get deposed.

4. Ronan Farrow

Ronan Farrow
So happy to live in a society where all it takes to get the legal system moving against powerful men is testimony from more than 50 women.

5. Joshua Malina

Joshua Malina
Happy holidays, @billcosby. May the new year bring you all that you deserve.

6. Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter
More runaway white privilege: If Hillary's so jazzed to have sexual predator Bill Clinton campaign for her, why no invitation to Bill Cosby?

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