19 Celebrity Crushes from the 1990s: Where Are They Now?

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You had their poster in your childhood bedroom.

You taped their show every week on an actual VHS tape.

You'll never forget the strange sensation in your pants every time you saw them on screen.

They were your first-ever movie or television crushes and you wonder whether time has been kind or mean to their over the years.

Well... scroll down and wonder no more!

1. Danielle Fishel, Then

Danielle Fishel, Then
Every warm-blooded male between the age of 12 and 17 was in love with Danielle Fishel as Topanga on Boy Meets World...

2. Danielle Fishel, Now

Danielle Fishel, Now
... and now those boys may be grown up themselves, but they can still see Fishel as Topanga on Girl Meets World!

3. Melissa Joan Hart, Then

Melissa Joan Hart, Then
She cast a spell over your genitals as Sabrina the Teenage Witch...

4. Melissa Joan Hart, Now

Melissa Joan Hart, Now
... and she may still be doing so as one half of Melissa and Joey.

5. Sarah Michell Gellar, Then

Sarah Michell Gellar, Then
She drove a stake through your heart as Buffy...

6. Sarah Michell Gellar, Now

Sarah Michell Gellar, Now
... and she'll soon be reprising her role in Cruel Intentions via a small screen spinoff of that beloved movie.

7. Alicia Silverstone, Then

Alicia Silverstone, Then
As if! Everyone loved Alicia Silverstone in Clueless...

8. Alicia Silverstone, Now

Alicia Silverstone, Now
... but she hasn't given us many things to love her in since.

9. Jenny McCarthy, Then

Jenny McCarthy, Then
She was the hottest person EVER on MTV's Singled Out...

10. Jenny McCarthy, Now

Jenny McCarthy, Now
... and now she's a crazy person who doesn't believe in vaccines for children.

11. Danica McKellar, Then

Danica McKellar, Then
Danica McKellar as Winnie for ALL THE WINS on The Wonder Years...

12. Danica McKellar, Now

Danica McKellar, Now
... would you believe she's now a mathematician and respected author of four non-fiction books?

13. Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Then

Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Then
We all cheered for Tiffani Amber Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell...

14. Tiffani Thiessen, Now

Tiffani Thiessen, Now
... she's since dropped the Amber, but enjoyed a strong role on White Collar until 2014.

15. Lori Loughlin, Then

Lori Loughlin, Then
You loved her as Auny Becky on Full House...

16. Lori Loughlin, Now

Lori Loughlin, Now
... and now you can love her as Aunt Becky on Fuller House!

17. Kelly Packard, Then

Kelly Packard, Then
Kelly Packard in a red bathing suit on Baywatch. What else do we even need to say?

18. Kelly Packard, Now

Kelly Packard, Now
She's a mother of four who hasn't really appeared in anything since 2010.

19. Liv Tyler, Then

Liv Tyler, Then
You loved her in Empire Records or in an Aerosmith music video...

20. Liv Tyler, Now

Liv Tyler, Now
... but probably didn't love her in The Leftovers.

21. Keri Russell, Then

Keri Russell, Then
Keri Russell was all about that hair on Felicity...

22. Keri Russell, Now

Keri Russell, Now
... she's now all about espionage on The Americans.

23. Christina Applegate, Then

Christina Applegate, Then
She dressed like his on Married... with Children, so of course we loved her.

24. Christina Applegate, Now

Christina Applegate, Now
Now she dresses like this in Anchorman 2. But we still love her!

25. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Then

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Then
She captured our hearts as Sarah on Party of Five...

26. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Now

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Now
She's since starred on multiple TV shows, most recently on Criminal Minds, before leaving to focus on her family.

27. Elizabeth Berkley, Then

Elizabeth Berkley, Then
Some Saved by the Bell fans were on Team Jessie instead of Team Kelly. We couldn't blame them.

28. Elizabeth Berkley, Now

Elizabeth Berkley, Now
She randomly showed up on New Girl as Jess' boss. That was cool!

29. Yasmine Bleeth, Then

Yasmine Bleeth, Then
Another Baywatch beauty whose career was defined by this bathing suit.

30. Yasmine Bleeth, Now

Yasmine Bleeth, Now
Bleeth was practically a recluse for over a decade, gaining a lot of weight and making very few, if any, public appearances. This photo is from 2002.

31. Pamela Anderson, Then

Pamela Anderson, Then
How about one final Baywatch babe? Pamela Anderson was known back in the day for her large breasts.

32. Pamela Anderson, Now

Pamela Anderson, Now
Not much has changed.

33. Michelle Williams, Then

Michelle Williams, Then
We never would have imagined that Michelle Williams would go from Dawson's Creek to...

34. Michelle Williams, Now

Michelle Williams, Now
... Oscar nominee!

35. Jessica Biel, Then

Jessica Biel, Then
Jessica Biel was drop dead gorgeous for a teenager on 7th Heaven.

36. Jessica Biel, Now

Jessica Biel, Now
She's now drop dead gorgeous for an adult.

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