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Amy Fisher just doesn’t know when to let things rest with Mary Jo Buttafuoco. You would think with the release of her recent sex tape and all the press she has gotten from that, she would be happy for a little while. Wrong!

Amy says she could care less if Mary Jo Buttafuoco still has that bullet lodged in her brain. Amy thinks the only reason people don’t like her is because she is now a millionaire. OH, it gets better….Amy kept spewing at the mouth and can’t figure out what the big deal is because Mary Jo has made more millions over this than Fisher has with her sex tape.

The Long Island Lolita admitted that she recently lied to an attempt to get a reality show gig and get to Mary Jo, by saying that she was back together with super stud Joey Buttafuoco. But really they were only together for a week because Joey made her want to hurl. He has not kept up his body and now has man boobs. Her words were “Ewwww. It wasn’t good at all.”

I wish I could say… and then she woke up. If you want to see the full nauseating interview, check out this week’s Steppin’ Out magazine.