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There was a time when Snooki ran wild across beaches of New Jersey – boozing, smushing, and coining catchphrases her ancestors of old.

But like the cattle of the Great Plains, Snooks is not tamer, trimmer, and fit for family consumption.

If you’re not already sitting, you may want to do so now, as we present…Snooki’s post-baby body:

Amazing, right? It gets better. Snooki gave birth to her second kid 12 freakin’ days ago!

Yes, the same Snooki who used to be a poster child for self-destruction and bad decisions may have just become our new fitness idol.

We’re thrilled to see that camerman in the background, as it obviously means Snooks is filming the fourth season of her MTV reality show.

Snooki & JWoww is generally pretty entertaining, but this season we’ll be watching with notepad in hand, hoping that Snickers drops some hints on how to drop the pounds.

All kidding aside, if Snooki can pull this kind of 180 (We’re talking more about her public image and lifestyle here than about her appearance.), then there’s seriously hope for anybody. Pay attention, Amanda Bynes!