Celebrity Apprentice: Dayana Mendoza Dethroned

dayana fired by donald trump

Donald Trump found himself between a rock and a hard place last night on Celebrity Apprentice and had no choice but to fire his beauty queen fav Dayana Mendoza.

This week the remaining six celebrity contestants were tasked with creating and performing a 90-second jingle to promote the Good Sam Roadside Assistance Program.

The former Miss Universe took on the leadership role this week for Team Unanimous in a scenario that required creativity and musical talent, neither of which happen to be her thing.

Broadway star Clay Aiken and standup comic Lisa Lampanelli ran roughshod over Mendoza who twisted in the wind when she wasn't being lambasted by her underlings.

Team Forte was led by Arsenio Hall but once again the real brains behind the activity fell to Aubrey O'Day who called all of the shots with limited help from Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives fame.

Hall and company won the task that had O'Day prancing on stage dressed as a sexy cheerleader shaking her pom poms.

aubrey shows much too much

The only negative aspect cited by the CEO of Good Sam was the fact that Aubrey's costume revealed a great deal more than they thought prudent.  Despite that little snafu The Magic Johnson Foundation will receive $45,000.

Back in the boardroom, Dayana Mendoza found herself on the chopping block for the seventh and final time.  Trump let Lisa tear into her for way too long before finally giving her the boot.

Next week Lisa and Teresa will take on the leadership roles for their respective teams and two people will be fired.  Several former CA alum will also grill the group in private interviews before making their final recommendations to Trump about who should advance to the final round of competition.

Check out the nasty drama as it unfolded on video below:

Photo:  Video Screen Grabs, NBC-Celebrity Apprentice