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Hollywood hot couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher appeared Thursday on CNN’s Pier Morgan Tonight. The pair chatted about their current projects and touched on how they keep their marriage strong.

Demi and Ashton are passionate about stopping sex trafficking and are using the social media platform to spread the word. Their campaign is called “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls.”

Why are they targeting the social media sites? Seventy-six percent of all transactions involving child sex trafficking happen on the internet. They hope to grab the attention of people on the net with their video campaign.

More than 12 million people are enslaved and an astounding 2 million children are bought and sold in the global commercial sex trade? Read more about the newly launched video campaign here.

Their secret to keeping the marriage alive? They scatter Post-it love notes throughout the house for starters. They work at making the relationship a priority by spending most of their time together–something they consider a key factor. Some might read between the lines here and conclude that Demi keeps him on a tight leash and therefore on the straight and narrow.

Watch the video below and find out more on what makes Ashton and Demi tick:

Please take the time to check out Demi and Ashton’s website and find out what you can do to help stop this horrific crimes. We encourage each and everyone of you to take a stand and help fight for the children who can’t fight for themselves.

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