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Earlier this year, Caitlyn Jenner took a job pushing anti-trans talking points, despite being one of the most famous transgender women on the planet.

Many felt shocked when Caitlyn promoted the segregation of trans students. Many activists had been warning of this for years.

Recently, Cait sank to a new low — attacking, stigmatizing, and even misgendering another trans woman.

Caitlyn claims that someone who works for her attacked the transgender TikToker … but she’s standing by everything but the misgendering.

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Caitlyn Jenner addresses her fans in an accurately tagged ad on Instagram.

In the final days of October, Caitlyn Jenner’s Twitter account went after a trans TikToker named Dylan Mulvaney.

Dylan has been cataloguing her experiences as a woman, documenting the days since her transition.

What caused various political malefactors, like Cait, to go after Dylan was one particular post about body positivity. Well, and the fact that Dylan is trans. For too many people, that alone is enough.

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So, in a TikTok video from back in May, Dylan spoke frankly about how strangers will police trans women’s bodies.

Specifically, she discussed how skirts and some pants can inadvertently “out” trans women who have not undergone bottom surgery. Simply put, just as with men’s clothing, sometimes you notice when someone has a penis.

“Normalize the bulge. We are normalizing the bulge,” Dylan noted. “Women can have bulges, and that’s OK.”

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What she is speaking about is both the internalized stigma that some trans women feel and the way that people might react.

For trans women who have not yet or do not intend to undergo genital surgery, they may feel obligated to dress differently.

But wearing pants or a skirt as a trans woman is no more obscene than doing so as a cis man. People have bodies, and we can all see the shapes of those bodies through cloth. That applies to boobs, butts, dongs, and elbows.

Caitlyn Jenner in Austria
Caitlyn Jenner is trying to live her best life. This is actually a photo of the transgender star in Vienna.

Caitlyn Jenner’s account condemned Dylan, writing: “Let’s not ‘normalize’ any of what this person is doing. This is absurdity!”

In a sinister twist, we note that Cait is not only echoing a notorious transphobe while condemning a trans women.

Her Twitter account very notably avoided using any pronouns. “This person” is an inorganic way of speaking. It’s something that people do when they don’t know how to refer to someone … or are deliberately avoiding it.

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Things got worse and considerably more explicit, however, when Cait’s account replied.

“He is talking about his penis!” the tweet read, misgendering Dylan. That is always inexcusable.

Since then, Cait has denied being responsible for the heinous tweet. But she stands by every other reprehensible piece of garbage spewing out of her account.

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This week, Dylan posted a public response to Caitlyn’s attacks on her.

“We are two of the most privileged trans women in America at the moment,” she sagely noted, “and with that comes a lot of responsibility.”

Dylan continued: “Although we have very different views on most things, a few days ago I probably would have still been willing to sit down with you and try to connect with you in some way.”

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Dylan explained that this is “because I automatically have a lot of respect for you as a fellow trans woman.”

“But then,” she noted, “you decided to ridicule me very publicly.”

Caitlyn certainly crossed some lines. And this attack flies in the face of Cait’s past statements, such as saying that stigma regarding trans women who don’t pass “needs to end.” But what is going through her head as she works to harm the trans community?

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Caitlyn Jenner wished her followers well during her trip to Dublin, Ireland. She shared the beautiful scenery in the background of this Instagram photo.

We can guess that Cait would say that she’s just a “common sense conservative” or whatever. Perhaps she genuinely believes it.

But any vulnerable minority will always have a few bad apples. In some communities, there is a label for someone eager to sell out others in the hope of acceptance. A “pickme” (as in “pick me! pick me! I’m good!”) is just one example.

Caitlyn will never get the acceptance that she craves from the worst people. That’s because of who she is. She may never regain acceptance from the trans community. That’s because of her abhorrent actions.