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It’s been more than a year since Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall split.

Now, Vanessa has found love again, and this time, she looked outside of the Bachelor Fam.

Get to know her new man, below:

Vanessa Grimaldi and the Sunset

Us Weekly reports that Vanessa Grimaldi is officially dating a man named Josh Wolfe.

Josh is a Canadian businessman.

Notably, Josh works as Director of Outreach and Programming in the Quebec and Atlantic Canadian region for the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

It is not clear how the two of them met, but Bachelor fans have been speculating that they’re dating for a while now.

It has been over a year since Vanessa and Nick Viall split in August of 2017.

Here is a photo of Josh from Passover.

Josh Wolfe on Passover

Just last week, Vanessa opened up to Us Weekly to share that she is off the market.

"I am dating someone," she confirmed on Saturday, January 18

She did not reveal the man’s identity at the iHeart Radio Podcast Awards in Los Angeles.

But she did divulge that her new relationship is "very exciting."

Notably, she has confirmed that this boyfriend is not the man whom she was seeing in April 2018 when she teased that she was dating again.

Which means that Josh is definitely, definitely not any sort of Nick Viall rebound.

Vanessa Grimaldi in a Bikini

It sounds like this is more serious than just a few dates.

At the very least, it looks like Vanessa has met the family.

She currently follows Josh’s sisters, Rebecca and Mandy, on Instagram, along with some other family of his.

She and Josh interact with each other on Instagram, liking each other’s posts, which is what drew the attention of eagle-eyed fans.

(We are always in awe of the detective skills of devoted fans in every single fandom)

Here is Josh with his sisters:

Josh Wolfe With Sisters Rebecca and Mandy

Speaking of social media activity, it appears that Josh Wolfe was in a relationship of his own back when Vanessa was still with Nick.

Older photos make it appear that Josh was dating a woman named Maria Antonopoulos for some time in 2017.

Perhaps the timing for him and for Vanessa lined up just perfectly for them to find each other while single.

Sometimes, finding a healthy, happy romance depends upon luck and timing more than almost anything else.

We’re certainly happy for them both that they seem to have found each other.

Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi Selfie

Vanessa is not the only one who has moved on.

It was almost exactly a year ago that we reported that Nick Viall and January Jones were dating.

Were is the operative word, here.

Within a couple of months, the Mad Men actress and the Bachelor Villain had broken up.

It’s always better for everyone involved when all romantic parties can move on with their lives.

Vanessa and Nick aren’t getting back together, but they can both date and love again.