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You might recognize McKayla Maroney’s name for a number of reasons.

After all, the 21-year-old has accomplished a great deal in a remarkably short period of time, both athletically and culturally.

Following her success at the 2012 Olympics, McKayla became a meme thanks to her famously "unimpressed’ reaction to taking home the silver.

McKayla Maroney Bodysuit Photo

McKayla wisely decided to that it’s easier to cash in on Internet fame than on her vaulting skills, so she skipped the 2016 games.

She’s been focusing on a career as a pop singer/social media starlet.

Maroney might not be a household name just yet, but she’s demonstrated that she has a firm grasp on what makes the Internet go ’round.

Her knack for self-promotion is downright Kardashian-esque, and that’s not the only way in which McKayla’s rise to stardom can be likened to Kim K’s.

Yes, the Internet has recently developed a liking for – you might even call it a fascination with – McKayla Maroney’s butt.

And she’s not doing much to discourage that sudden interest:

McKayla Maroney Butt

The video above, posted earlier this week, prompted rumors that McKayla had been the recent recepient of some butt implants.

While that’s a little ridiculous, given that she simply looks athletic and toned, she’s handling the speculation in true Kard clan fashion:

By posting more photos of her ass!

Demonstrating again that she has a blindingly bright future in the world of social media stardom, McKayla’s approach to the butt rumors is simple:

Offer up more butt, and more still.

Were it not for the fact that she’s already demonstrated considerable talent, we would say she’s perfectly reminiscent of a young Kim.

McKayla Maroney Butt Photo

Were not totally sure what McKayla is trying to prove here, but if it results in images such as this, we’re definitely not complaining.

The pics definitely serve as further evidence that she wasn’t hacked, as was rumored after her hugely popular thong video appeared online.

But they don’t really prove much with regard to the implant rumors, unless she’s pointing out that those rumors were ridiculous to begin with.

As we said, her ass really isn’t that big, nor would it be surprising if a world-class gymnast demonstrated some muscle tone. 

Just some food for thought there.

Yes, those perfectly sculpted buns likely have more to do with McKayla being a 21-year-old star athlete than with any surgical enhancements.

McKayla Maroney Belfie

In short, it certainly looks as though:

1. McKayla’s butt is the real deal.

2. We’ll be seeing much more of it in the years to come, because people love to talk about it and she loves being talked about.

And for that, we thank her.

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