Ariana Grande: PREGNANT?!?!

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We've got some big news, friends. Really big, like, bigger than Beyonce being pregnant with twins.

Ha ha, just kidding, no news for the rest of all time could be as big as Beyonce being pregnant with twins.

But this new thing is still pretty good!

Ariana Grande at the 2016 AMAs

Pop princess Ariana Grande, according a tweet made by the Associated Press earlier today, is pregnant.


"If Ariana Grande is pregnant," you may be wondering as this shocker sinks in at home, "why haven't I heard about it?"

Well, don't worry your little heart, because there are a couple of reasons you may have missed the big announcement.

One is the previously mentioned Beyonce pregnancy.

The Queen of England could be pregnant right now and everyone would still be talking about Beyonce, let's just be real about that.

Ariana Grande Pregnant Tweet

And two, shortly after the AP tweeted the Ariana pregnancy announcement, the tweet was deleted - and replaced with a statement.

In its place, they wrote "@APEntertainment has deleted from its account a tweet about Ariana Grande. It was unauthorized. We are investigating."

Hmmm ...

We did not see this coming, to say the least, nor do we know what to make of it. But basically, one of two things is happening here.

One, someone managed to hack the Associated Press' Twitter account, or a rogue employee decided to have some fun.

That person made this tweet, it's not true, the AP retracted it, someone got fired if it was an internal prank, and that's the end of the story.

Ariana Grande Brags About Hard Work

Honestly, that scenario makes sense.

The "who's the father" part seems a little scandalous for the AP, and most every tweet on their account contains a link to a story or video on their site.

This one doesn't.

But the second possibility, the less likely but infinitely more fun possibility is that Ariana really is pregnant, and someone let it slip.

It wouldn't be impossible. An overzealous employee with the Twitter login info spilling the beans a little too soon? Wouldn't be a first.

Moreover, the 23-year-old Ariana has been dating Mac Miller for several months now, and they seem to be going strong, so ...

Ariana Grande At The Billboard Music Awards 2016

Somewhat lost in her amazing tirade against slut shaming back in December was confirmation that she and Mac are pretty serious.

When a fan of Mac's saw them together and began making crude remarks about her, she had some high praise for the rapper.

As Grande said of Miller, "I'm an adult human being in a relationship with a man who treats me with love and respect."

It was part of a larger point, but you get what we're saying, right?

If she's with someone who treats her with love and respect, she's probably sleeping with him. And if she's sleeping with him ...

Look, things happen, that's all we're saying.

So could Ariana really be pregnant?

Was the original tweet just some joke? Just what exactly is going on in that uterus of hers?! What does Big Sean have to say about this?!

Only time will tell, we suppose.

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