Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: Look at Our Adorable Kids!

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have drop-dead gorgeous, adorable and precious children.

This much has been surmised by just about anyone with eyes and a brain, but it has now been confirmed by the beloved stars themselves.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Image

On Thursday, Reynolds was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one of the most prestigious distinctions any celebrity can accomplish.

So of course the Deadpool actor was accompanied by his wife for the occasion.

But Lively brought the couple's two daughters along for the ceremony, giving the public a very rare look at two-year old James and a child who was born in September...

... and yet whose name remains a mystery.

That's how private Reynolds and Lively typically are when it comes to their kids.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Kids

“This is one of the rare occasions when we thought we got to bring the whole clan,” Reynolds told Extra. “I’d regret it in 20 years if I didn’t.”

These pictures mark the first time EVER in which Lively, Reynolds and their two children have been spotted in public together.

During the ceremony itself, Reynolds thanked Lively, referring to her as “everything to me" and adding:

You are the best thing, the best thing that has ever happened to me - second only to this star...

"You make everything better, absolutely everything in my life better. You’ve made me the father of my dreams when I thought I only had fun uncle potential.”

Blake Lively, Daughter

Only Ryan Reynolds can pull off sweet and funny like this at the same time.

After Reynolds made his beautiful and hilarious speech, he posed for photos alone before Lively, James and their youngest joined him on the red carpet.

Back in early November, Reynolds told Conan O'Brien that having two children under the age of two is "tough."

And both are girls, no less!

“A lot of estrogen," he joked at the time. "It's like an American Girl doll took a sh-t on my life."

There's an image we may never be able to unsee.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Children

Lively and Reynolds may be private with their offspring, but they are public with their affection for each other.

After the actor's aforementioned talk show appearance last month, Lively thanked him on Instagram for bringing her a special dessert, adding the hashtag:


That's a reference to The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, only the most romantic book and then the most romantic movie of all-time.

And it seems very appropriate for these two.

Finally, just in case you aren't yet sick of our love for Reynolds, check out the following collection of his Tweets regarding fatherhood.

This may just be the perfect human being...

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