Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Getting Divorced. Again.

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It might be the end for one of the all-time great celebritiy couples.

UPDATE: No, for real ... Angelina Jolie is divorcing Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Divorce Tabloid 9.16

According to In Touch Weekly, Pitt "refused" to spend the last days of summer Vacation with Jolie and their six kids.

Instead, he went to Croatia with his friends.

A big stretch between that and a divorce? You might think, but the celebrity gossip source says this was the final straw.

“As Brad headed out the door, Angelina was in tears, truly feeling she’d lost Brad once and for all," the tabloid claimed.

“The marriage is broken," an insider quoted by ITW says, "and Brad and Angelina’s $400 million divorce is underway.”

So what's at stake in this "$400 million divorce?"

So much! Like four hundred million dollars!

Brad and Angelina: Breaking Up Over Selena Gomez?

First of all, their $60 million estate, Chateau Miraval is “The crown jewel in their massive property and investment portfolios.

Pitt, a source claimed “will fight over putting [it] up for sale [because] he worked so hard to restore it over the past eight years.”

Apparently there are "screaming matches" and constant fighting.

Pretty much what alleged insiders say has always been going on between the two, ever since Pitt and Jolie got together.

Back in June, Star printed the same headline (only the divorce was estimated at $450 million ... rough year for the stock market).

“Angie is ready to divorce Brad," a source said at the time.

Angelina Jolie UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial Pic

"She’s fed up with what her life has become and wants to make a change."

At that point, Jolie met with a lawyer to prepare herself for a divorce.

That move reportedly freaked Pitt out to the point where the movie star hopped on a plane to Los Angeles in order to protect himself.

“He was blindsided, but he’ll meet with his lawyer to discuss his options regarding custody and protecting his earning," a source said.

"The divorce is bound to get ugly."

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pose

Jolie doesn't look as though she's going through some hard times, probably because her focus right now is on helping Syrian refugees.

As the UN's Special Envoy, last Friday, the Oscar winner and renowned humanitarian spoke from a refugee camp in Jordan.

"There are children here who remember no life other than this harsh, desert environment and barbed wire fences," she told reporters.

According to E! News, she added:

"There are teens here who bear terrible physical and mental wounds of the conflict ... over half of all refugees in Jordan are under 18.

Brangelina, Back in the Day

"My own children are of that age," she said.

Given that her brood is of an impressionable age, and Brad has legally adopted or fathered all of the kids, the decision to divorce is a big one.

So, will Jolie and Pitt make it after all?  

Maybe, seeing as the stuff these papers write up is nothing short of hot garbage ... but something tells us this might be legit.

Pitt + Jolie 4 Ever? You tell us!

NOTE: Follow the link at the top of this story for the shocking confirmation of the demise of Brangelina, including how it all went wrong.

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