Ashley Graham Posts Cellulite Pic, Embraced by Fans

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Ashley Graham has broken down barriers, and now she's breaking some rules - in the best way possible.

Earlier this year, Graham was the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Ashley Graham Cellulite Photo

And now she's shared a photo to Instagram that's inspiring women everywhere.

"A little cellulite never hurt nobody," she wrote as a caption to the photo above.

"Stop judging yourself, embrace the things that society has called 'ugly,'" she continued, adding the hashtags #lovetheskinyourein and #beautybeyondsize.

Bless this woman.

The supermodel has shared a number of professional bikini and lingerie photos of herself flaunting her curves in the past, but magazine editors tend to lay on the Photoshop pretty thick to erase the appearance of lumpy skin.

In fact, a number of celebrities go nuts with the photo editing program and blur, smooth, erase or plump elements of their pics before posting to social media.

So it's refreshing to see a gorgeous model showing a feature of herself that the majority of women have themselves, but are often embarrassed about.

Fans responded with high praise.

"You make me cry tears of happiness though. Just how accepting and loving you are of your body. Thank you for being my motivation," wrote one commenter.

"Love it! We need to take (back) pride in our real bodies," shared another. "Thank you for being a beacon of light and inspiration to so many." 

Graham has always been about body positivity and encourages women of all sizes to embrace their figures.

"I hope women see me embracing my curves in my bikini and feel empowered to do the same," Graham told Elle UK last year.

"I have no reason to hide, and neither should any woman. Curves and confidence make a sexy combination."

After her Sports Illustrated cover went viral, former model Cheryl Tiegs criticized Graham, explaining she didn't like the idea of glamorizing plus-size women, calling it "unhealthy."

Graham's response was all class.

"It's a shame that we have to bring other people down, but that's why I'm here. I've got to bring other women up," she said.

LOVE her.

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