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Professional snowboarder Estelle Balet had just won her second world title at the Freedom World Tour, and was filming her passion when things went horribly wrong.

Snowboarder Estelle Balet
(AFP/Getty Images)

At around 8am local time in Switzlerland today, Balet and another snowbored (who survived) triggered an avalanche  that swept the 21-year-old more than 3,000 feet.

The accident occurred near the southwest border with Italy and France, above the Swiss resort of Orsieres, NBC reports.  Balet was shooting scenes on Le Portalet, a mountain in the Mont Blanc massif.

"The Freeride community has experienced a tremendous loss today as we learned that one of the most hopeful young talents and current snowboard World Champion, Estelle Balet, has tragically passed away in an avalanche,"  Freeride World Tour organization said in a statement via Facebook.

"The mortal avalanche occurred earlier this morning in the canton of Valais.

"Estelle Balet was a naturally gifted shining star and demonstrated remarkable talent as she quickly became a household name on the Freeride World Tour.  Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Estelle Balet as we send our deepest sympathy and condolences during this very difficult time."

A speedy descent through a ravine caused the avalanche, according to the police report, and Balet was outfitted with proper rescue gear, including "a rescue beacon, a helmet and an airbag, which snowboarders use to create an air pocket in the event of an avalanche."

A rescue team immediately flew to the site via helicopter, and were able to free Balet’s body.  

She was pronounced dead at the scene.