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As you may have heard, the Duggars are returning to TV later this month with a full season of Jill and Jessa’s spinoff series, Counting On.

The Duggar Girls Go Shopping

Not surprisingly, the family has been in promotional mode lately, granting interviews, attending premieres for faith-based films and plugging the show on their blogs and social media pages.

So far, it’s unclear if Jim Bob and Michelle will appear on the show, but in any event, the Duggar parents are certainly lending a hand when it comes to scoring ratings.

Today, they took to their official  family blog to remind everyone that the show premieres in two weeks, and to provide a brief glimpse into life in the Duggar household.

The post featured a run-down of every Duggar’s favorite food (Mexican and Italian were the most common answers, which is a bit surprising, as "ethnic" isn’t exactly the first word that springs to mind when one thinks of the 19 Kids and Counting clan.), and that may not sound like a big deal – but it’s worth noting that when we say "every Duggar," we mean every Duggar.

Yes, in case you wondering, Josh’s favorite food is Frito chili pie.

Nothing surprising about the choice (it’s something of a Southern staple), but it is surprising that the family casually made mention of Josh while promoting their new show.

It would have been odd if they’d left him off the list, but the eldest Duggar is a topic that’s usually avoided, particularly during the family’s recent push to rebuild their reputation.

There have been rumors that Josh will appear on Jill and Jessa’s new show, but that seems highly unlikely at the moment.

For now, the family is making small steps toward re-introducing Josh to the spotlight.

Say what you will about Jim Bob and Michelle – they know a thing or two about PR.