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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton flirted with each other all day on Twitter while the rest of us just sat back and went, "AWWWWW!"

What do you call a Twitter flirt? A TWIRT. Just made that up.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton
Photo via Brian To/

The twirting began when Blake tweeted that his 2016 new year’s resolution was "to be on the cover of every shitty tabloid known to man."

Gwen evidently found this hilariously charming, because when you’re in the early stages of dating you pretty much think every damn thing your boo does is stinking adorable. She replied with a tweet saying how funny and #cute he is:

Gwen Stefani Tweet Jan 2016

Then Blake must’ve found HER tweet to be irresistibly enchanting, because he quickly replied:

Blake Shelton Tweet 2016

Which, clearly, sent Gwen’s heart aflutter:

Gwen Stefani Tweet 2 Jan 2016

And we could read about it all day. Can you just feel the butterflies, y’all? New love is the best.

Later in the day, Blake tweeted his excitement about winning a People’s Choice Award, and natch, Gwen tweeted her support with the hashtag #everybodylovesblake. Well, we know of one particular platinum blonde who obviously does.

Blake Shelton Tweet 2 2016
Gwen Stefani Tweet Jan 20163

But the Twitter love fest didn’t stop there. It continued today after Gwen shared a photo from the studio, where she was making music… about a special someone? And Blake retweeted it, adding "Guaranteed greatness."

Blake Shelton Tweet 3 2016

Gwen wrapped it up with a tweet back including the hashtag #writingsongsaboutacowboy and a heart emoji.

Gwen Stefani Tweet 4Jan 2016

Now, unless she’s secretly getting it on with Woody from Toy Story, I think we know who this new song is about. And judging by this unbridled display, I’m guessing it’ll have a far more upbeat sentiment than her latest hit (which we love, but makes us cry), "I Used to Love You."