Jana Duggar: Filming New 19 Kids & Counting Episodes Along with Siblings!

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It looks like reports of the controversial Duggar family officially returning to TLC in the near future may be more than just rumors.

A Jana Duggar Photograph

On January 7, TLC executive producer and general manager Nancy Daniels had this to say in response to the fate of 19 Kids & Counting:

"We are still considering doing more but haven't made a decision yet."

She told a Television Critics Association press tour panel that the network faced "challenges" regarding the Duggars, but didn't elaborate.

Fast forward just one week and the famous family is quietly filming in their native Arkansas with a familiar TLC camera crew in tow.

Not just Jill and Jessa, either. The whole gang is back filming, including John David and Jana Duggar took some of their younger siblings.

At Ridout Lumber, a short drive from the family's Arkansas home, they were buying wood for a tree house, and they were joined by a film crew.

Ridout manager Jim Logsdon told Radar of the Duggars:

"The production company from Nashville called me last week."

"It was the day before they wanted to come in and film. Then the normal camera guy for the family called me and then John David did."

“He [John David] sent over a list of things they needed to build a tree house. He wanted to make sure we have the stuff. We got it all together.”

Jana Duggar, the oft-maligned "Cinderella" sibling whose role is to take care of the younger kids, was the troop leader, it seems.

“Jana was really the one in charge. We asked her if she needed 4″ grooves or 8″ grooves and she knew the answer," Logsdon recalled.

"She was the one giving all the instructions.”

Despite talk of a Jana and Jinger Duggar spinoff, it looks like a full-fledged return to the 19 Kids & Counting days could be upon us.

Alrighty, so what's up your sleeve, TLC? 

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