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John Oliver would to have a word with the Fifty Shades of Grey casting director.

For weeks, the HBO host has made it clear that he’s displeased with the selection of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey in the big screen adaption of this beloved novel, even launching a Twitter campaign (#NotMyChristian) in protest.

And now the comedian is taking an uproarious stand against the decision… by releasing his very own audition tape to spite Hollywood’s “unimaginative casting.”

The Hollywood Gossip

"I am recording an audition for a movie that’s already been made based on a book I have never read," Oliver says at the outset of the above clip.

He continues, hilariously, as the persona of Christian Grey:

"According to Wikipedia I’m ready to take a young woman on a journey from frumpy nerd to fully realized sexual being. This is a thing that I Christian Grey feel totally comfortable talking about and doing.

"Maybe I’ll tell her to let her hair down and stop wearing paint-stained overalls all the time…or maybe that’s just the plot of She’s All That."

The HBO star (seriously, you HAVE to watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver) concluded:

"Either way doesn’t matter. I’m presuming this is all going to end in butt stuff."

Think Oliver has what it takes to portray Christian? Did the casting crew make a boneheaded decision?

Relive the latest Fifty Shades of Grey trailer below and sound off!