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Lady Gaga visited the Howard Stern Show yesterday for a surprisingly revealing interview in which she revealed some traumatic experiences from early in her career.

Asked by Stern about an incident she alluded to in which she was “raped by a record producer,” Gaga explained:

“I was about 19… It didn’t affect me right after as much as it did four or five years later. It hit me so hard.”

Lady Gaga at SAGs
Photo via Getty Images for Turner

Some listeners noticed similarities between Gaga’s story and the descriptions offered by Kesha, who claims she was raped by Dr. Luke – one of the pop world’s most famous producers.

Disgustingly, Mark Geragos – a lawyer for Kesha who’s had no contact with Gaga – seized what he saw as an opportunity to make a better case for his client:


Shortly after Lady Gaga’s interview, Geragos tweeted, “Guess who the rapist was?” When followers began to guess that it was Luke, Geragos replied, “#Bingo.”

A rep for Gaga immediately issued a statement after the lawyer’s comment caused a stir, saying that Geragos’ claim is “absolutely not true.”

Geragos is sticking to his story, however. The famed celebrity attorney told TMZ, “I said it because it’s true.”

He then compared Kesha to the women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, and stated that he believes more Dr. Luke accusers will come forward.

In any event, Kesha is suing Luke for allegedly drugging and raping her several times over a period of ten years, a claim he has adamantly denied.