Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 18 Recap: Kody Brown to Add Fifth Wife?

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Last night on Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 18, the Browns discussed the idea of a fifth wife, which just sounds crazy, but when you already have four?

What's one more spouse thrown into the mix? Law of diminishing returns and all of that. Think they'll add to their family sooner or later? It could happen.

Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 18 saw the Brown family preparing for their big commitment ceremony and talking about how, when and if things will change.

Kody Brown and each of his four wives planned to put a mission statement on something they would hang in each of their homes as part of their commitment.

They discussed putting the statement on canvas and each of them signing it, which made Janelle ask what they would do if they ever added another wife.

Crickets. Room, meet elephant!

Kody Brown said that their family was not closed to the idea of another wife; while there were no plans to add one, they never saw Robyn coming either.

He said as much to the wives; Brown has a mindset of how many wives and children he will have in his life, and feels that he is done adding spouses.

At the same time, he feels he is not in control of the situation and is amendable to whatever God wants for them ... so basically wait and see on wife #5.

Think he's out of his mind to consider adding a fifth to the mix, considering all we've seen the family grapple with between the three and now four wives?

All we can do is wait and see.

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