"Set Yourself Free" Stay in School Ad: The Best (Worst?) PSA of All Time

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So, yeah. As public service announcements go, this one definitely takes an unexpected turn about halfway through, and goes where most PSAs do not.

Australian ad agency Henry & Aaron created the spot, in which teenagers sneak out of their homes and go AWOL from school, hitting the beach instead.

They're having a freaking blast until things go wrong. Like, horribly wrong.

Spoiler alert: Staying in school might have been a better move on this day. Why, specifically? Take a guess, then watch and see if it was anywhere close:

Certainly a more literal approach to the typical "Stay in School" scare tactics we're accustomed to seeing, with a bit of dark comedy thrown in there.

If the specific takeaway is that you shouldn't frolic on a beach adjacent to a weapons testing facility while truant from school? Point made and then some.

If the broader message is that skipping school is akin to putting your life in danger? Murkier.

Tell us, would this have kept you from playing hooky in school? Is that even the actualy point of this, or do you think it's a spoof on serious PSAs?

Either way, is the ad effective, funny or just wrong? Vote in our poll: