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Aaryn Gries made headlines for all the wrong reasons this summer, appearing on Big Brother and coming across as a racist homophobe.

She made fun of an Asian-American contestant. She talked black when confronting an African-American housemate. She was fired from her modeling job for basically being a terrible human being.

And yet even Gries thinks Evander Holyfield went too far this week.

The ex-boxer has come under major fire for saying on the UK’s celebrity version of this awful reality show that homosexuality is a handicap that should be fixed by a doctor.


And, yes, Gries may have referred to a gay man as a “queer” during her time on air, but she tells TMZ that she’s appalled by Holyfield’s remarks.

“I know I said mean things, but at least I’m not ignorant enough to think that homosexuality is treatable,” Gries says. “Seeing homosexuality as a sickness is outdated.”

It’s true. At least asking an Asian-American when she is gonna eat more rice is nice and current.

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