Pit Bull Rescues Family from Fire, Suffers Severe Burns

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Prepare to have your heart once again melted by Man's Best Friend.

Earlier today, we posted the video of a dog refusing to let a boy with Down's Syndrome not play with him, gently prodding the toddler to enjoy some fun time together.

And now comes the story of a ninth-month old pit bull terrier named Onyx who saved his family from a burning home last Thursday.

The incident went down in Florida, as Onyx awoke with panicked barks at about 2 a.m. and owners Trevor Myres and Sierra Plair responded by wrestling their two sons awake.

Trevor quickly saw that both Onyx and a section of his home was on fire, putting both out with a hose and an extinguisher before exiting the premises.

Onyx, sadly, suffered burns on 30% of his body, with the couple afraid it would have to surrender its pet to the Tallahassee Animal Service Center because it could not afford his medical bills.

But kind folks on Facebook learned of the situation and donated money through the account of the local animal hospital.

The canine will require several weeks of treatment with antibiotics and pain medications, but he's expected to make a full recovery.

"I'm just so happy that he's getting the treatment that he needs and that he deserves," Plair said.