Lamar Odom: Freebasing Pure Cocaine, Determined to Ball

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Attention, NBA General Managers:

Anyone out there seeking the services of a drugged-out power forward with range?

According to TMZ sources, Lamar Odom is binging like a mad man on drugs these days, recently purchasing $90,000 in cocaine during one exchange and freebasing the substance... but he still believes he'll play in the NBA this season.

Odom is reportedly determined to prove all naysayers wrong, telling friends that "everyone wants to see me fail" when it comes to balling again professionally, "but I'm not gonna let that happen."

That attitude is admirable, we guess. We bet Khloe Kardashian would love to see similar dedication to the couple's marriage.

Insiders have said Odom was often high during the seasons he played for the Lakers and Mavericks, while he was only recently back on the wagon prior to joining the Clippers last season.

So the guy does seem to have enough natural basketball ability to play through the abuse. Have you seen his lefty jumper? It's a thing of beauty.

His relationship with Kardashian, conversely, appears to be crumbling before all of our eyes.

They have not been spotted together in months and Khloe has taken two two drastic online steps over the past couple weeks: she axed the name Odom from both her Instagram and her Twitter profiles.

It doesn't get much harsher than that.

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