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Fans of TV who love Twitter but hate spoilers, meet Jennie Lamere.

The 17-year-old entered the TVnext Hack event in Boston and not only won her category, “Best Use of Sync-To-Broadcast,” but also won Best In Show.

Her creation? Twivo, a TV spoiler blocker made for Twitter.

Afton Williamson as Talia Bishop

An extension of Google Chrome, Twivo lets users type in key words they would like to block and for how long. Take the example of Game of Thrones spoilers.

If you missed the episode but have it on DVR and still want to be on Twitter, enter keyword “Game of Thrones” and you won’t see any tweets about it!

So for The Bachelorette spoilers, you’d have to start like two months before the premiere, since Reality Steve starts posting them then. Just FYI.


The program is still in demo phase and won’t be ready to roll out for a few weeks, but it’s totally a thing – good enough to win a hack-a-thon no less!

Lamere has already been approached by a tech company that wants to market the final product. Hopefully, this will shut down Spoiler TV for good.

That site is just terrible.