Sarah Cook, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Supporter, Tells Us Why Terrorist Heart Throb is Like, Innocent

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Sarah Cook, an ardent supporter of the Free Dzhokhar Tsarnaev movement, explained Monday why the accused terrorist is, like, totally innocent.

Her comments, claims, excuses and rationalizations on TMZ Live must be heard to be believed ... and even then you might not believe them.

Cook, one of MANY teenage girls devoted to proving Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's "innocence" online, fervently believes the Boston bombing suspect is innocent.

How could she possibly think that?

Well, for one, the "mainstream media" is distorting the facts. Plus he was unarmed in that boat, and trying to profess his innocence to cops (yeah right).

And the best argument of all?

A pressure cooker, which was used as part of the bomb that killed three people and injured 260, is "way too heavy" to carry around in a backpack.

Your standard pressure cooker weighs around 30 pounds.

Even if Jahar's preferred pressure cooker model weighed double that, for argument's sake, a 19-year-old dude could lug it around without a problem.

So much for that Boston bombing conspiracy theory.

As for Sarah Cook and her delusional Tumblr and Twitter cohorts who have nothing better to do, we recommend a good school psychologist ASAP.

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