Miranda Kerr: Dissing Orlando Bloom With Instagram Photo?

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If you thought the double Miranda Kerr nipple slip setting the web ablaze was the most noteworthy gossip item she'd produce all week ... you're right.

Totally beats this. Still, the supermodel is making news again thanks to an Instagram photo showing her getting cozy with a male friend, Mariano Vivanco:

Miranda Kerr Instagram Pic

What's the big deal, you ask? Orlando Bloom fans will tell you.

They’ve been letting Kerr have it over this pic with the fashion photographer, whose arms are tenderly wrapped around the cleavage-baring Miranda.

Given that Miranda and Orlando have often been the topic of celebrity gossip reports surrounding their allegedly rocky marriage, some fans weren't happy.

“Miranda, oh no. Orlando won’t be happy,” one fan posted. “I don’t think Orlando would be too happy. Girl, only Orlando should be holding you like THAT.”

The 30-year-old Aussie also had her share of defenders, though.

“For god sake, don’t judge a person by one photo,” a fan said.

“I hug people all the time ... regardless of gender, regardless of whether or not I’m taken. Chill out guys. It’s just a hug," another sensible-sounding fan added.

A photographer and a model having a friendly rapport and a good time on set? Doesn't strike us as that unusual, but them again we don't worship Orlando Bloom.

He seems like a good guy, sure. Quality actor, too.

We just don't worship OB in the buy-a-Miranda-Kerr-voodoo-doll sense. In fact, we like Miranda Kerr bikini photos a lot. So who ware we to say?

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