Jason Collins' Twin: I'm the Straight One!

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Looks like Jarron Collins, the twin brother of Jason Collins, is able to have some fun with Jason's groundbreaking announcement that he is gay.

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A few weeks after Jason became the first openly gay male athlete in a major U.S. team sport, the brothers appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in L.A.

Jarron, who had his own 10-year NBA career before retiring in 2011, was given a parting gift by Kimmel: a T-shirt that read "I'M THE STRAIGHT ONE."

"Thanks to @jimmykimmel for the tshirt parting gift... this ought to clear things up," Jarron posted on his Twitter account Wednesday night with a link.

His brother's announcement came in a Sports Illustrated cover story he wrote with Franz Lidz. "I'm a 34-year-old NBA center. I'm black. And I'm gay," Jason wrote.

If the news caught the sports world off guard, imagine how his twin felt.

"He was very direct about it," the Straight One explained to Kimmel.

"He says 'Jarron, I'm gay'. I heard it, but I didn't quite register it."

Jarron went on to explain, "And I went about asking some of the dumbest questions you can possible ask someone who just told you they're gay."

Amid the laughter, Jason joked that his brother asked, "Are you sure?"

Jason Collins definitely is sure, and says he ultimately decided to go public with his sexuality now because he was tired of living a dishonest life.

What's your reaction to Collins' coming out?

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