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Kristin Chenoweth is apparently dating Jake Pavelka of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and Dancing With the Stars fame for whatever reason.

Seriously, there’s a photo of them on a date near his home in Texas.

The “couple” were seen getting cozy at a diner in West Hollywood earlier this fall. That was one thing. Lunch at a cafe in Highland Village, Texas? Another.

Jake Pavelka and Lex McAllister

A witness who reported the sighting says they weren’t kissing or anything, but were seen holding hands and “they were veeeerrryy attentive to one another.”

The Tony Award-winning Chenoweth, 44, is 10 years older than her man.

Jake Pavelka is mature beyond his years, though, as he proved when he sold out Wes Hayden on The Bachelorette, or when he picked Vienna Girardi, or …

We’ve got some Bachelor spoilers for you, Kristin. It may not end well.