Emblem3 Reacts to X Factor Elimination, Promises "Badass Music"

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Emblem3 is no longer in the running for a $5 million grand prize, following last night's X Factor elimination.

But you wouldn't know it talking to group members Wesley Stromberg, Keaton Stromberg and Drew Chadwick.

"Honestly, I only feel happy right now," Wesley told reporters after the show. "We get to go and make some badass music right now and not be under any restrictions."

Goodbye, Emblem3

Chadwick was equally enthused:

"Bottom line is we had the dopest experience. We got everything we really wanted out of this competition, which was a solid international fan base, we expanded our comfort zone by stepping out of it, we learned how to do interviews. It was like training, like music industry on Miracle-Gro.

"We just learned a lot and now it's over and we're about to go do it for real. We built the foundation we entered the competition to build."

He also chimed in on L.A. Reid leaving the show:

"I think L.A. Reid is more of a creative, behind the scenes production type of dude. Reality TV is more about the TV show and producing the television show more than the music. Me and him have a lot in common that sense."

As for who Chadwick thinks should take home the title?

"Carly is 13 years old, she's an amazing singer, she's going to be doing great things with the talent she's been given. [Tate Stevens] is a little bit older.

"He's amazing, he's been playing music for a long time, he's a family man, he has a great heart, he has pure intentions, he's a good guy. I feel like he really deserves this. He needs a break. I love Tate. I love Carly and I love Fifth harmony too, but I think he's the most deserving."

Very kind words all around. What do you think of Emblem3's elimination? Was it deserved?

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