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What’s next for Robyn Troup?

Wherever the “My Grammy Moment” winner goes to from here, it’ll probably be a letdown after sharing the stage with Justin Timberlake and T.I.

She seems okay with that, however. She also seems okay with being bounced from American Idol, as she told MTV News:

“I really didn’t know what this was when I got involved in it, but I’m glad that I did and I think it’s a lot different from American Idol in a way, ’cause it’s one time. You’re not on this show for, like, three months and everybody’s getting to see you over and over and over again. It’s just like, that’s your moment. Take it.”

And take it Troup did. With the three following memories to take along with her:

  1. Meeting her hero, Mary J. Blige, backstage.
  2. Sitting next to Kanye West during the show.
  3. Oh, and turning 19.

Robyn just says that “bigger and better” things are next for her now. It’s unclear what that means. But allow us to speculate that Beyonce may not be the only singer from Grammy night to appear on a Sports Illustrated cover.