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Jane Carrey isn't just the daughter of Jim Carrey. She's officially a contestant on season 11 of American Idol, passed along here to Hollywood.

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i though she was okay and she veary pretty and got a high pitch of a voice and io wonder if she can be funny like her dad that would be awsome having to funny people father and dauther ...............Good job jane your are awsome :)


For someone who is the child of a well-known entertainer I don't see an ounce of prima donna, whatsoever, in Jane Carrey. I mean how many children of well-known performers do you know who work as waitresses? Many children of performers like Charlie Sheen and Angelina Jolie, who come immediately to my mind, just use their parent's contacts to make it for themselves. The parents do all the work and the children don't even show any appreciation because they're too busy expecting the universe to owe them a living. This is why I wish nothing but the best for Jane. That and she really does sing quite well!


A bit of a shaky start but the rest was great!!!!!


Maybe she went to american idol because she wanted to make it on her own...maybe she didn't want her dad to do it for her maybe she wanted to actually work her way to fame instead of taking a free ride by her father and his connections I'm just sayin don't judge her by who her daddy is give her a chance and see how she does


She had an amazing voice and that's going to get her far in her careershw wont get far cuz ofwho her father is..I mean come on people the judges have to be fair and they were....they don't care who her father is they care about her voice..that's what American idol is all about.


It also takes alot of talent to be a movie star and that might be something she don't have maybe that's why she is not a movie star


If she makes it to the voting she will only get votes based on who her dad is. She did not have to come to idol to get a career started in singing she could easily get started with connections her Dad has and so on. I really did not like her voice.


i think that she was very good. i also think that the judges let her through because of her voice and not her dad. i think that she is going to get some where in life not because of who she knows but because of her talents.


I think Jane is first of all very pretty, has a friendly and kind personality and actually has a great vocal instrument. She is a wonderful singer with lots of control and a very high range. She is a star in her own right as a vocalist and I hope she wins. She is the whole package!!!!!!! Blessings Jane you are gifted!


I think she did grrrreat and made it on her own. Good luck and go girl! If she was making it off her dad why is she a waitress instead of a movie star.

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