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This is going to be some year for Rosamund Pike.

The actress will star opposite Ben Affleck in the wildly anticipated big screen adaption of Gone Girl - and Us Weekly now also confirms that the actress is expecting her second child!

The British actress, 35, and is already parents to a two-year old son with boyfriend Robie Uniacke, 54

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Why has Pike never married Uniacke?

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In what will likely be one of the fall's most buzzed-about films, Gone Girl hits theaters October 3rd. 

Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl's Amy Dunne, recently became one of the latest stars to speak out about the film when she landed the cover of W Magazine.

As a fan of the book, Pike looks exactly like the Amy Dunne in my mind. EXACTLY.

Rosamund Pike W Magazine Cover

Pike reportedly beat out stars like Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman in the dark and sinister role of Amy, a city girl whose marriage begins to crumble when she follows her writer-husband home to Missouri after losing his job.

David Fincher made an excellent choice in going with a star previously known for her work as a supporting actress because that just helps to add mystery to the character.

"I liked that people didn't immediately know who Rosamund was," Fincher stated. "I'd always liked Rosamund in movies, but I didn't really know her. That made her very interesting."

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It appears as if David Fincher has finally found his girl - and her name is Rosamund Pike.

Pretty much everyone's reaction is "Rosamund Pike?!?!" but this is David Fincher, and who questions David Fincher?

I'm certainly not about to.

Rosamund Pike Photo

Starring alongside Ben Affleck in Gone Girl, Pike has been cast as Amy Dunne, the main female character in Gillian Flynn's best selling novel. The book sold over two million copies and the film is highly anticipated. 

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