Many well-known moms have taken to breastfeeding in public, just like regular folks. Here's a look at some noteworthy pictures.


Wait a minute now, doesn't dad get any??? After all, he is a contributing member and needs to be duly rewarded for his actions as well.

@ Abby Rythen

God gave you hands use them wisely.. Moms busy!!!


Can we ask for beyonce's breastfeeding pictures.. I bet she doesn't have one.. Good one Beyonce for Faking your pregnancy.


You can't even see much of the models breasts. The picture is beautiful. However, the baby is sleeping in her arm, NOT feeding. With this angle, the baby could not latch onto a nipple, unless the mother is anatomically challenged and has the nipple near her sternum (which I very much doubt). I have been breastfeeding and know how this stuff looks :)

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