61 Stars Who Are Makeup Free and Fabulous

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No makeup? No problem!
The celebrities featured in the following photo gallery are actresses, reality stars, models and singers. But they all have one thing in common:
They are not wearing a shred of makeup in order to set a positive example for young women around the world.
Give them a hand and give them all a look now:

1. Brooklyn Decker, No Makeup

Brooklyn Decker, No Makeup
Now THIS is what we call a makeup-free selfie. Brooklyn Decker is unafraid to show off her acne online. Good for her!

2. Lorde Without Makeup

Lorde Without Makeup
Lorde isn't just wearing no makeup in this Twit pic. She's wearing pimple cream!

3. Bethenny Frankel No Makeup

Bethenny Frankel No Makeup
Bethenny Frankel doesn't need no makeup! She goes all natural in this Twitter picture.

4. Jessica Simpson With No Makeup

Jessica Simpson With No Makeup
Jessica Simpson without makeup is quite a sight to see. A beautiful and natural one.

5. Kourtney Kardashian: No Makeup!

Kourtney Kardashian: No Makeup!
Kourtney Kardashian with no makeup makes for an interesting and unexpected sight.

6. Beyonce No Makeup Selfie

Beyonce No Makeup Selfie
Beyonce has shared this great no makeup selfie. She rules, this woman.

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calling BS on the Mila shot so far. She is definitely wearing make-up or else Photo Shopped make-up. Way obvious. Second BS call. Kate Upton is wearing a face full! Kylie has either permanent liner and fake lashes, or she's wearing make-up. She's beautiful anyway and not much to hide at 17. Nice of you to finally give her a break though. ;-) Rachel McAdams: Make-up all day long. Bahaha Barbie! Giving credit where due, that was funny! Lana Del Ray, lashes and liner. Brandi Glanvil ,lashes and liner. Emm, hello Megan Fox? Full face! Heidi Klum has foundation on. Carrie Underwood, make-up half sweated off so, not bare. There are 59 pics, not sixty. Your editor fails. Forty-nine possible no make-up shots. This was fun though, it's a boring night. :p


Such bs.....this isn't close to natural sans makeup.


You can't even see Kim K's face in the picture. It's too DAMNED DARK! Nice try.


Do you even know what "no makeup" is?


Wtf? Almost everyone single one of those people are *obviously* wearing makeup...some, you can tell it's a TON of makeup. Who is in charge of putting this together? Were they drunk?


VERY,VERY few actually had NO makeup on. That doesn't just mean foundation/base. It means no brow powder,eyeshadow,mascara,FALSE LASHES,lipstick or gloss. And no glasses to hide behind...when do you ever see these "stars" wearing glasses?? It means NOTHING! NO MAKEUP AT ALL. What's the point!? To make everyone else feel bad. It's just lies.


I love to see famous women looking beautiful without altering themselves. It helps young girls to embrace their own personal beauty instead of trying to live up to an unrealistic ideal of beauty. HOWEVER, 90% of those photos WERE NOT make up free. Disappointing.


LIES...why!?? To make us normal women feel bad about ourselves!? This makes me mad. Celebrities are mostly phonies.


Such bull. Many of these women are waering makeup in these photos.


of course they are all wearing some type of make-up, everyone knows these people are no prettier than other's they just have access to more resources which helps them appear to be beautiful.

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