Robin Thicke: Trying to Win Back Paula Patton!

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Robin Thicke's marriage is kaput, he announced earlier this week, but he's reportedly trying to change that behind the scenes, going all in to woo back Paula Patton.

According to reports, Paula told him she wanted a divorce Friday.

Hearing this, Robin jumped on a plane and flew home to Canada and tried in vain to convince his wife to change her mind. He obviously came up short.

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton issued a joint statement of separation earlier this week, calling it amicable and promising to remain the best of friends.

Thing is, though, Robin desperately wants to save his marriage. 

The "Blurred Lines" singer is resuming his tour on Thursday in Washington D.C., having canceled three straight shows as a result of the divorce drama.

He will not go out on the town afterward, though, as had been his custom, as he tried to convince Paula he can change and be a better husband.

Perhaps the Lana Scolaro butt-grab was a much bigger deal than they let on at the time. We wouldn't be waiting for that phone call if we were Lana.

Robin is also really concerned about their son, Julian. He does not want the toddler raised in two separate homes and wants to keep the family united.

Thicke also released a statement on his website.

"I want to thank everyone for the well wishes these last few days. My fans mean everything to me," he wrote. "I'm looking forward to getting back on out on the road."

"Looking forward to seeing everyone out there!"

He had blamed the first two of three canceled shows on the loss of his voice, but it looks like the loss of his life partner was the true reason he bailed.

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Too much of a pretty boy; just proving to himself he can get anyone he wants...
Sad very sad....If she has been coping with this for awhile, it's time for her to walk....


Robin needs to keep his pants on and get his hormones in check. He has a beautiful wife and adorable kid who need there husband and dad to show affection to them and not everyone else. Paula will have a tough time trying to trust him, but he should grow up and act responsible. That Miley Stuff was gross!!!


robin, get your woman back get over the Hollywood mess and get your family back together.Respect your wife, family. and marriage


marriage is hard ,life is hard get your woman back, prove to her you love her, its called respect. your son needs both parents make it work do what you had to do think about what was important before your fame exploded remember it can be lonely at the top without the people who truly love you.


He will not stop his ways.
Putting all that in Paula face and not caring for her feelings.
A lifetime partner mother of his child.
He has made a mockery of their marriage. If she takes him back he will do it again and this time it will be secretly. Just like Tiger woods and then all the woman will pop out. Embarrassing her yet again.
Paula you are a beautiful talent woman. I would not take him back.


I hope the stay togather,Robin wake up..u have a beautiful child that need mom an dad togather..


She's going to give him a really rough time before she would even consider taking him back. He would certainly have to change his ways and stick to it.


If Paula has any sense she will keep walking in the other direction. From what I have read she has been coping for a long time with his roving eye. Enough is enough.


He really screwed up royally, losing Paula.

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