Second Graders Explain Love: Stare, Do Sex, Take a Shower Together

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This is beyond adorable.

And also a tad frightening.

Author Ted Scheinman Tweeted a photo this morning of a napkin, on which a pair of eight-year olds explain all they know about relationships and how men and women fall for each other.

"The best thing you will read all day: two of my sister's 2nd graders on "how to fall in love." My favorite: step #8," wrote Scheinman along with the picture.

Same here. Although the number of times these tykes reference "sex" is a bit scary:

8-Year Olds Explain Love

So, to recap in plain text:

  1. First you stare at the person.
  2. You get close to each other.
  3. You ask for a date.
  4. You go in bed and do sex.
  5. When you kiss you suck and lick.
  6. Get nacked [sic] in bed and do more sex.
  8. Go dance and put your noses together.
  10. Then kiss forever.
  11. Take a shower together and kiss.
  12. Give each other rings.
  13. Go to the pool together.

Between one-year olds beatboxing and eight-year olds being all about doing sex, kids really are growing up fast these days.

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Just what the fuck do you (THG) mean by "frightening" and "scary"?? Adulterated content is beyond overrated and plastered everywhere - so regardless of whether they even try to avoid it, they're exposed to it one way or another... The result shouldn't be much of a surprise!!!

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yep.........Love Is A Battlefield.


Sounds like these kids have been watching The Bold And The Beautiful with mummy


Holy crap y do they know so much about sex i wonder what they do


Seems like these kids parents watch to many romance movies in front of their kids

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