One Direction Fans Hate on New Magazine Covers, Threaten to Bomb GQ UK Headquarters

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Not cool, One Direction supporters. Not cool at all.

While you'd think fans of this boy band would be psyched to see GQ UK dedicating five distinct covers to this wildly popular group, many have taken to social media and expressed outrage over the way they believe Harry Styles and company have been portrayed.

One cover says Louis is "no longer a nice guy."

Another quotes Liam as discussing "groupie trouble."

In response to what they feel is an unfair depiction of their idols, Directioners have lashed out on Twitter.

As explained and depicted in the video above, they've threatened to bomb GQ headquarters and to shove a cactus of the rectum of magazine editors.

And you know what they say: Twitter is all fun and games until someone gets a cactus shoved up his rectum.

In all their rage, some fans have missed the biggest bombshell in the feature article: Harry Styles says he has only slept with two people.

Extreme viral vitriol from dedicated One Direction supporters? That, we sort of expect. But this revelation we did not see coming!

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you don't know how many people threatens things...........Facebook is very helpful with this.