Alec Baldwin Quits Twitter, Fires Publicist in Wake of Latest Outburst

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Alec Baldwin has quit Twitter... again.

The actor removed himself from the social network today following last night's epic rant against George Stark, a writer for The Daily Mail who claims Baldwin's wife was texting through the funeral for James Gandolfini.

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Along with denying the allegation, Baldwin referred to Stark as a "queen" and referenced the writer taking pleasure in things being stuck up his rear end.

In response, many are coming down hard on the Emmy winner for such homophobic remarks.

He's since fired his publicist, but Baldwin may need to do more than that to make up for this outburst.

What do you make of his Tweeted comments at Stark?


This guy is a conceited jerk with anger issues. Feel very sorry for his new wife. Kim was the lucky one...he's really an embarrassment.


This lunatic needs to stay off the internet, he talks bullshit then takes it down the next day, well it's already out there in cyber space, bottom line he needs anger management.


Well, it is not like he is going to leave his wife Hilaria being accused of texting at James Gandoldifini's funeral.


I love me, who do you love?


His wife doesn't know what she has in store for her in the future! This man has a temper to match his HUGE EGO and NADA surprises me when it comes fro him!
He is known for his NOTORIOUS bad temper and TONGUE! Firing your publicist? Yeah... That doesn't sound like a BRILLIANT idea!


People lash out when defending their loved ones. He probably couldn't care less about gays most of the time - like most of the rest of us (except for religious freaks).


More and more, I feel so sorry for Hilaria Thomas. God only knows what poor Hilaria goes through 24/7...being married to that BULLYING whack-job Alec Baldwin. And...Alec's brothers (Billy, Daniel and Stephen) are no prizes themselves!!!!! Beyond sad.


Matt will not go after Baldwin because Baldwin is an NBC'er!


Let's see Mart Layer go after Alec like he did Paula.


Poor Paula Deen gets raked over the coals for saying the socalled 'n' word thirty years ago, yet this violent drunkard gets a free pass? How many times is this jerk going to get away with his 'being himself'? There is most definately something wrong with the USA! No wonder Americans are hated everywhere in the world. And you can't blame it all on Bush and Obama.

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